Title Type Position Status Website Watch IMDB
Gary Baseman Documentary: Mythical Creatures Documentary Gaffer/Camera Operator Post-Production
Chris Haroun - Bitcoin Commercial Gaffer 2018      
Bandi - Parfem Commercial Gaffer 2018    
česká spořitelna - Bara and Adam Commercial DIT/Grip 2017      
Megaphone - Lumber Music Video Gaffer 2017    
GrandOptical Commercial Gaffer 2017    
Brixtn - Tak mi to nedovol Music Video Camera Operator/AD 2017    
Empirent - Red Dress Commercial Gaffer/Camera Operator 2017    
Bandi - Suits Commercial Gaffer 2017      
Knightfall Cast Interviews TV Series Gaffer 2017  
CSOB NaNakupy Commercial Gaffer 2016    
Think Of Something Blue Short Gaffer/Grip 2016    
Al Frenga (Season 2) TV Series Gaffer 2016  
UHD Media B-Roll Video Gaffer/Grip 2016      
Staring Into Stupid Short AD 2016      
Mame Radi Cesko Commercial Grip 2016    
8 Hlav silenstvi Feature Grip 2016    
Tritonal - Blackout Music Video Gaffer/Grip 2015    
Tritonal - This is Love Music Video Gaffer/Grip 2015    
Adrian T. Bell - Blood On My Hands Music Video Gaffer 2015    
Michal Kocab - Aftershocks Music Video Gaffer/Grip 2015    
CK Blue Style Travel Commercial Gaffer/1st AC 2015    
CK Blue Style Travel Commercial Gaffer/1st AC 2015    
Dara Rolins - Chcem Snanemie Music Video Gaffer 2015    
Laputa Feature Grip 2015  
Sunny: Prague Burlesque Video Gaffer/Grip 2015  
Opikanoba Short Stunt Co-Ordinator 2015    
Padre Short Gaffer 2015  
NEECO - "What is ProTrack" Commercial Gaffer 2015    
Smoke City Short Gaffer 2015      
Arla Commercial 1st AC 2014      
Megaphone - Dancing Shoes Music Video Gaffer/Grip 2014    
Balci & Werner Video Gaffer/Grip 2014    
Sky City Haya TV Series Gaffer 2014  
Near Light Video Gaffer 2014  
The Lost Legion Feature Grip 2014  
Haagen Dazs Ad Commercial Gaffer/Grip 2014      
Spengler Film Video Gaffer/Grip 2014  
Bony a klid II Feature Grip 2014  
Put[IN]Love Short Gaffer/Grip 2014  
The Soldier & The Dancer Video Gaffer 2014      
Cubicle 21 Short Gaffer 2013      
CEZ "Boat" Commercial Grip 2013    
CEZ "Adopce" Commercial Grip 2013    
Just the Way You Were Short Gaffer/Grip 2013      
It's All About Kevin Short Gaffer/Grip 2013      
Kridla Vanoc Feature Grip 2013  
Vionnet Paris Video Gaffer 2013  
Etostone - Together Music Video Gaffer/Grip 2013  
Descending Roads Feature Gaffer 2012    
Yana Short Gaffer 2012  
Let Me Finish Short Gaffer 2012      
A Meeting Short AD/Gaffer 2012      
...Or What I Was Thinking Short Gaffer/Camera Operator 2012      
T.A.G. (Episode 4,5) TV Series Gaffer 2012      
Past Glories Short Stunt Co-Ordinator 2012      
Looks Short Gaffer 2012      
Storm Before The Calm Short Gaffer 2012      
Slaves to Gravity - Silence Now Music Video Projection 2011    
Deaf Havana - Nicotine and Alcohol Saved My Life Music Video Production Manager 2010    
Futures - Oxygen Music Video Set/Crew 2010    
Dear Superstar - Brothers in Blood Music Video Location Manager, Choreographer 2009    
Therapy - Crooked Timber Music Video Production Manager 2009    
To The Bones - Sharkies Bone Symphony Music Video AD 2008    
Help She Can't Swim - Hospital Drama Music Video Choreographer 2007    
Devil Sold His Soul - Between Two Words Music Video Gaffer 2007